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Top Apartments For 2017

The only thing better than living in a swank apartment in the hottest part of Dallas is moving in right before the building becomes the new "it" locale. But how do you find that perfect urban

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The Las Colinas Boredom Might Be Over

I just moved from Las Colinas and having lived there about 2.5 years, I have come to know it pretty well. That place can be extremely boring. There aren't many good restaurants or bars or even

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Fort Worth Finally Has A BIG Housing Project Going Up

With tremendous growth happening in the "North Dallas" area, it was only a matter of time until Fort Worth received the same treatment. At the i-20 and i-30 intersection in West Fort Worth, Republic

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Here Is What Is Causing This Massive BOOM In North Texas

JOBS!If you want it in Black & White, here it is. With many large companies relocating their new HQ to the Dallas region, one can only expect a rise in employment. JP Morgan, Chase, Liberty Mutual

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Why Rents Are SO High In Dallas

I get asked this question almost everyday and sometimes, I even have to bring it up when a client tells me what they are looking for because their expectations are too high for their budget. 

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