Joshua Putman's Blog Posts

Joshua Putman's Blog Posts

M Streets Property For Sale
How fun is this listing?!  These types of homes don't pop up very often--call me to check it out!  Walking distance to Greenville Avenue establishments, great school dist...

What Is A Leak Detection Test
I've lived in my house long enough to where I thought I knew everything about it--and then something happens and I find out I know a lot less than I thought.  Here is some inf...

Things To Never Do When Showing Your Home
Selling your house and like the way it looks for staging?...well, just because we like it doesn't mean everyone else will.  Staging a house is important so you can a...

Parts Of A Buyers Offer
There are many parts of an offer, maybe you probably wouldn't know about without some guidance from your realtor.  Here is a good overview of the major parts.  Please kee...

What Price Should You Offer On A Home
Aaah...the magic question.  The Dallas/Fort Worth market is crazy lazy andhouses are flying off the market, but buyers still want to feel like they are getting a good deal.&nb...

Home Buying Myths You Should Know About
Everyone is an expect in home buying, right?...  Not so much.  Here are some home buying myths that might help you out in the future.  Have real estate questions or ...

Cheap Curb Appeal Tricks That Offer The Best Selling Returns
It always seems like there is some type of home improvement to be done.  Looking to get the most bang for your buck?  Try some of these tricks.  Want additional...

When You Can Deduct Moving Expenses
A deduction is better than no deduction, right?...  Here are some situations when you can deduct moving expenses.  Have other questions about deductions--or anything real...

8 Unwritten Etiquette Rules Home Sellers Should Know
Well...the article title says it all.  Interested in more seller tips?  Or even buyer tips?  I'm your girl! or michelleforemanre...

What Is A Short Sale
What is in the world is a short sale?  You've probably heard the term a number of times--maybe almost so many times that you felt like it was too late to really ask for some c...

Aug 11 2016 16202 1
It is not winter yet, but it will be here soon enough.  Or some people would like to think so because it is currently SO hot in the Dallas area!  All that being said, are...

Crazy Tips That Will Help You Sell Your House
Trying to sell your house and want to put yourself ahead of the "competition"?  Check out these crazy tips.  Hey, it can't hurt to try, right??  Want assistance sell...

Things Sellers Should Know About Comps
Yes, yes, and yes--this info is sooooooooo accurate.  Would you like additional info--I'm your girl! or michelleforemanrealtor@gmail.comWh...

Dallas Named One Of The Most Affordable Destinations
Dallas was just listed as one of the most affordable destinations for families!  Ready to move here?! or michelleforemanrealtor@gmail.comD...

Modest Home Upgrades That Will Impress Buyers
Ever walk into someone's house and see something you wish you would've thought to do in your own house?  I feel that way about most of these fun upgrades?  Which is your ...

A Homeowners Net Worth Is 45x That Of A Renters
Ummmm...what?!  That stat is crazy!  True, there are exceptions to everything, but this is from a study from the Federal Reserve.  Yes, THE Federal Reserve.&nbs...

How Do You Get The Most Money When Selling Your House
Selling your home can be a tricky process.  Want to two tips on how to get more money when putting your home up for sale?  Here you go...Want more info on the buying or s...

Bad Homebuying Advice You Probably Frequently Hear
Want to hear bad home-buying advice?  Read below.  Want to hear good home-buying advice?  Reach out to me! or www.michelle...

Carpet Versus Hardwood
Carpet vs. hardwood?  Is what is preferable to you also what is more desirable for resale value?  Below has all of the info!  Have any other real estate-related ques...

DFW Housing Trends
Interested in housing trends?  Here you go! or

10 Home Renovations That Offer The Best And Worst Return On Investment
We often think that all of the money spent on home renovations will come back to us when the property sells--well, that's not always the case.  For some projects, the money yo...

A Great Graph Of The Home Buying Process
The home buying process can get VERY confusing.  So many moving parts, so many people involved that you may not know about.  Basically...confusing.  What is NOT conf...

5 Things To Avoid At Home Depot And Lowes
Home Depot and Lowe's are the best stores ever, right?...I thought so, until I read the below article.  I still love those stores (they are actually some of my favorites!), bu...

Landscaping Renovations That Will Pay Off
Trying to figure out which home projects are the most bang for your buck?  You've stumbled along the correct blog!  The first impression of a house is VERY important...

Six Ways To Make Your Home Look More Expensive
You've probably noticed by reading other blogs, that I love to save a dollar.  Here are six inexpensive tricks to make your home look more expensive.  Want additional tri...

5 Mortgage Mistakes Homeowners Regret Making
The homebuyers process can get confusing--very confusing.  So many moving parts, so many people involved, so many rules--especially when referring to lending.  Here are f...

Things New Homeowners Waste Money On
The process of moving to somewhere new can get expensive--whether leasing or renting.  Here are expenses new homeowners often waste money on.  Want additional info or tip...

Best Steps To Relist Your House
Previously put your house on the market and it didn't sell?  Ready to relist?  Here's some great relisting info.  I would love to assist you with the process!  ...

Things You Should Never Say Whens Selling A Home
The real estate market is hot in the DFW area--very hot!  Just because there is a high demand for homes doesn't mean that you shouldn't still take the necessary steps to get y...

25 Hacks To Make Your House Look More Stylish
Redecorating can get expensive!  Thank goodness for the below hacks--they can help make your house more stylish, while not putting a huge dent in your pocketbook.  Want m...

Are You Being Too Picky Of A Homebuyer
I know, I know, nobody wants to hear they are being too picky.  But...sometimes the truth is needed.  And, in this case, the honesty can help you streamline the...

50 Small Home Upgrades For UNDER ONE DOLLAR
Interested in doing upgrades to your home, but not sure what or if you have the funds?  Here are 50 upgrades you can do to your house for UNDER $1!!  Please feel free to ...

How Do I Decide When To Downsize
Trying to decide whether or not to downsize?  The below questions can assist you in making that decision.  Interested in further assistance with downsizing, or actually a...

YES That Many People ARE Moving To DFW Each Day
It is no surprise that DFW is growing--the amount of construction is phenomenal!  What's really phenomenal is the amount of people moving to DFW ON A DAILY BASIS!  Just h...

How To Buy And Sell A House At The Same Time
The process of buying OR selling a house can be stressful enough.  Combine the two?  Well...a little bit more stressful.  You'll need a good agent that is on top of ...

Difference Between Condos Townhomes Single Family And Patio Homes
I'm sure we can all tell the difference between a single family home and a condo--but what about a condo and a townhome.  That can get a little confusing.  The below desc...

Great Time For Dallas Fort Worth Homeowners To Sell
We all read articles about how it's the best time to buy, the best to sell, etc.  Which to believe?...well...I can tell you from experience that most of them are pretty accura...

The Worst Homes For First Time Homebuyers
The home buying process can be stressful--especially for first time home buyers.  You need an agent you can trust and that can be honest.  And one that can clearly explai...

Landscaping Mistakes
Lost at what to do with yard work and landscaping?  A lot of people are!  Sometimes people think anything would be an improvement--but not always.  The below are som...

What To Do You When You Are Moving
Selling or sold your house?  Now what?  You've probably had guidance from a number of people on the process and steps...but, once your house is might have a fe...

Follows These Tips To Sell Your Home
Spring selling season is upon us!  How do I get my house ready to sell??  Well...following the below tips is a great start.  Need more info or advice?  www.mich...

Easy But Sometimes OVERLOOKED Ways To Boost Curb Appeal
First impressions are important when looking at properties.  Sellers have a number of things to worry about, and sometimes overlook some of the below curb appeal boosters.&nbs...

February Housing Trends
This link contains great info on the February housing market. reach out to me at www.michelleforemanrealt...

Reasons Appraisals Come In Low
Appraisals, appraisals, appraisals.  They are great when they come in at the value we want it to--and they are a pain when they don't meet value.  They are pretty much ou...

American Commute Longest On Record
Location, location, location.  We hear it all the time, especially in the real estate industry.  Many clients are looking for the magic number of minutes that is acceptab...

Home buying can be a nerve-wracking process.  There are sooooo many factors involved and decisions to make.  Will you make the correct one?  We all hope so; however,...

THURSDAY TIDBITS Pub Sheds Becoming Popular
It seems like people are getting more and more creative with their spaces.  Some I like.  And some I love.  And I love this one.  Check out the fun pics of what...

TUESDAY TIPS What Your Appraiser Wishes You Knew
You have a house under contract, whether on the buying or selling side--everything is good to go, right?  NOPE!  There are so many factors to go into getting to the finis...

THURSDAY TIPS Which Type Of Dog Should You Get When Living In An Aparment Townhome Or Condo
Many people like animals as companions, especially dogs.  I LOVE having a dog (or dogs) around, and am able to let my critters run around in the backyard, but many people live...

WEDNESDAY WISDOM Can Landlords Prohibit Guns
If you've at all watched the news lately, you seen talk of guns--especially in Texas.  What is legal?  What isn't legal?  Well, I'm not a good person to ask about th...

WEDNESDAY WISDOM Tips For Keeping Safe
Some of the below safety tips may seem like common sense, but they are good reminders.  Looking to move and want a safer neighborhood?  I'm your girl!  www.michellef...

TUESDAY TIPS Seller Etiquette Tips
It's a sellers market in DFW right now, so selling a house should be easy--right?  Well...just because it's a sellers market doesn't mean the house will automatically sell.&nb...

A House With 23 Acres I WANT IT
I focus on real estate in the DFW area; however, I would love to have a vacation house somewhere someday.  Looking for a home in a different city and don't know who to re...

MONDAY MONDAY House Hunting Checklist
Looking at house after house can get confusing.  Did I like the bathroom in the first one?  Or maybe it was the second?  At some point it all starts to run together....

MONDAY MOJO No Surprise Here DFW Again Named Top Market
DFW is still booming.  Good news for us that live here!  Interested in moving here?  I can help! or michelleforemanrealtor@gmail...

SENIOR SATURDAY Are You Putting Off Assisted Living
Determining when to move to an assisted living community, or if to move to one at all, can be a difficult task.  So many decisions to make.  Should I stay in my current l...

THURSDAY TIPS Do You Stay Or Go When Renovating A House
Home renovations are fun!  Well, they are after they are finished.  The "during" phase can get a little less than ideal.  Should you stay in the house while renovati...

WEDNESDAY WISDOM The Wrong Way To Look At Houses
A lot of people think looking for a house is simple.  And, if I'm being honest, I may have thought the same thing before I got into the industry.  Oops...little did I kno...

SENIOR SUNDAY Hidden Costs Of Family Caregiving
Caregiving can be incredibly challenging on family members.  We want the best for them, but what is the best?  Everyone seems to have a different opinion.  What is g...

TAX TUESDAY How The Garland Tornadoes Affect This Years Property Values
Garland was hit hard by tornadoes in recent weeks, and unfortunately a lot of people were affected.  The timing of the storms came right before property values were assessed--...

MONDAY MOJO Why It Is Not Always Best To Pay Off Your Mortgage
Have a mortgage, and try to pay it off as possible?  I did also.  I always assumed that less debt meant more in my pocket in the long run...until I read the below article...

2016 is here!  Just another year, right?...Not exactly.  Here are a few fun facts that makes 2016 a little different than other year.  Making 2016 your year for a ho...

THURSDAY TIPS House Resolutions To Start The New Year Off Right
Have you made a 2016 resolution yet? neither.  Yet.  What I have made is a decision to "fix up" my house, a little bit at a time.  Here are se...

WEDNESDAY WISDOM Why Mardi Gras Season Starts TODAY
I LOVE Mardi Gras!  Love, love, love!  I grew up in Louisiana, so that could be where my love for it began.  Today is the first day of Mardi Gras season!  Time ...

TAX TUESDAY Property Tax Rate Calculator
We all received our property tax bills a few months ago, but are you concerned how much it will go up in property values continue to rise?  The below link contains a property ...

MONDAY MOJO Time To Save Money With A Homestead Exemption
Taxes can sometimes creep up on you and get a little pricey.  Good thing there is a homestead exemption that can assist with lowering the amount.  What is this homestead ...

MORTGAGE MONDAY How To Choose Correct Mortgage Company
So many lenders out there--which to choose?  So many realtors out there--who do I use?  Hint:  ME!  :)  There are so many moving parts when it comes to pur...

SENIOR SUNDAY Beat High Costs Of Assisted Living
Senior livings costs get EXPENSIVE!  Plus, a lot of times it is overwhelming to figure out where and when to make the move.  Feel free to reach out with any questions, I ...

FUN FACT FRIDAY Christmas Story Edition
Been watching "A Christmas Story" all day today?  I would usually say I am also, but...I can't stop watching "Four Christmases"--constant laughter on my end.  Which movie...

TAX THURSDAY Year End Tax Tips
The year is almost over--how did that happen?!?!  Getting a little nervous about taxes?  Here are some quick year end tax tips.   And don't forget about house d...

WEDNESDAY WISDOM Last Minute Christmas DIY Gifts
It's almost Christmas!  Still need gifts for someone?  Yep, me too.  Someone stop unexpectedly with a gift for you and you didn't have one for them?  Yep, me to...

TUESDAY TIPS How To Properly Dispose Of A Tree
I LOVE a holiday season!  The parties, everyone's mood seems to be happier, the gifts (did I say that? is kind of fun to open them, right?...), the decorations...oh,...

MORTGAGE MONDAY How Will Interest Rate Increase Affect Mortgage
You've probably seen on some type of news outlet that there has been an interest rate increase.  Well...what does that actually mean?  The below article is great at expla...

WEDNESDAY WISDOM How To Decide If A Neighborhood Or Property Is More Important
Yes, yes, and yes!  I love this article!  I get asked all of the time whether buyers should focus on finding something in a neighborhood they like, or focus on finding a ...

TUESDAY TIPS Remodeling Tips
Remodeling is hard, hopefully these tips help! or  The 8-Step Guide to Remodeling Your Home ...

MORTGAGE MONDAY What Happens If You Cant Pay Your Mortgage
Money is tight sometimes, but some bills don't care and still need to be paid.  Mortgage?  Yep, that's one of them.  Rules and options are always changing, but here ...

SENIOR SUNDAY Senior Discounts
The age of a "senior" varies depending on the person asked, but after looking at some of these discounts...well, may I please be considered a senior?!?!  Sometimes there are h...

FUN FACTS FRIDAY Fort Worth Edition
Time for Friday Fun Facts--I LOVE fun facts!  Intrigued about FW?  I can be your resource! or ...

FUN FACTS FRIDAY Uptown Dallas Evolvement
The city of Dallas is constantly changing.  New restaurants, new stores, new NEIGHBORHOODS!  It is crazy to think that Uptown barely existed not too long ago.  Looki...

TUESDAY TIPS Simple DIY Maintenance Tips
By now you've probably realized how thrifty (cheap...) I am.  So, of course I love a home tip where I can save money.  And I'm sharing some in case you do also!  Don...

MORTGAGE MONDAY How Is A Mortgage Rate Determined
I work with lenders in the Dallas area all of the time...and carry a mortgage myself...AND I still get confused!  It is best to let a lender discuss all options with you, espe...

Senior living is sometimes a taboo phrase.  It seems sooooooooo far off from our current age, right?...Not really for most people.  There are different levels of senior l...

FUN FACT FRIDAY Dallas Streets And Where Their Names Came From
The more I dig into these Friday fun facts, the more I want to learn.  I didn't know there was so much I didn't know!  The below are some fun tidbits about how some ...

TAX TALK THURSDAY What Are Property Taxes And Where Does The Money Go
I just received my property tax bill.  Womp womp.  I know it helps out something...but exactly what, I wasn't really sure.  I can across this article and it definite...

TUESDAY TIPS Frugal Ways To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter
Anybody out there as thrifty (cheap...) as I am?  I'm always up for saving money and found these winter tips I wanted to pass along.  House too cold and ready to just get...

MORTGAGE MONDAY Why Do Mortgages Get Sold
Mortgages are usually long-term.  20 years.  30 years.  Then why do we pay to one company one month...and then sometimes another company another month?  The bel...

FUN FACTS FRIDAY History Of Dallas
So much growth in Dallas in such a "short" period of time!  Want to move here? or of DallasWhile ...

No words are needed for this news--check out the pics!  A $1 BILLION development coming to DFW!  Just imagine how land values are that there will shoot up--want it get in...

TUESDAY TIPS Winter Home Decorating Ideas
Here are some winter home décor tips--for Dallas or anywhere else.  Need a decorator?  I know some great ones! or michelleforemanrea...

MORTGAGE MONDAY How Much Of A Downpayment Should I Put Down
The question everyone much down payment do I need?  So many scenarios, but which is the correct one?  Every situation is different, and I'm sure that's the exa...

SENIOR SOURCE SUNDAY 10 Questions To Ask An Eldercare Attorney
Aging has its positives.  And negatives.  Our entire adult life is spent making our own life decisions--well, because we are adults.  That's why it is so hard t...

FUN FACTS FRIDAY History Of Deep Ellum In Dallas
By now you know I LOVE a fun fact, or a little history about areas I frequent but have not known the history of.  Guess is some info about Deep Ellum!  It is ...

TAX TALK THURSDAY Capital Gains Info For Dallas Or Anywhere Else In The US
This rising market is great for us in Dallas--especially those that purchased low and are selling high.  Selling high sometimes brings up the topic of taxes...yikes!  Wel...

WEDNESDAY WISDOM Dallas Is Near The Top For Building Wealth
Whoohoo, Dallas is one of the best places to build wealth!  Time to move here if you aren't already here!  Want to be one of those people that is building wealth?  W...

TUESDAY TIPS How To Winterize Your Home Even In Dallas Where It Doesnt Always Snow
Did I get a slight chill?  Is it cold outside?  Well, it is to me.  I am the most cold-natured person.  Anything under 85 degrees requires full ski gear or else...

MORTGAGE MONDAY How Do I Choose A Lender
The home buying process can be stressful enough with all of the decisions to be made.  ADULT decisions to be made.  Those somehow seem a little more significant.  :)...

FUN FACTS FRIDAY East Dallas And How It Became East Dallas
Times change and we know that East Dallas is now more than just the area mentioned below, but it is fun to see how areas first developed--especially in the East Dallas area, where ...

Do economic forecasts interest you? neither.  :)  But, they are very important in many ways...and especially to real estate.  Healthy jobs and an inf...

WEDNESDAY WISDOM Dallas Has A New Deep Ellum Property
Deep Ellum is again on the rise!  Literally...a high rise.  Below is info on just one of the new properties in the Deep Ellum area.Work starts on Deep Ellum apartment tow...

TUESDAY TIPS These Items Are Dragging Down Your Home Value
"I'll fix that item one day."  "It is a sellers market in Dallas, the new buyers can deal with it."  "It is not that big of a deal."  I hear these comments almo...

MORTGAGE MONDAY What Is A Mortgage Broker
If you read last week's blog of "What is a Mortgage," found here:, you learned what a mortga...

Hmmmmm WHY Do We Have Daylight Savings
Yes, I know we have daylight savings.  The clock on my phone tells me.  The clock in my car tells me.  As do many others items.  I've been told 100x times why w...

FUN FACTS FRIDAY Dallas Texas Edition
I LOVE a fun fact, don't you??  These were taken from the Dallas Visitor Center website, they are such a great resource for almost anything Dallas.  Except for real estat...

TEXAS TALK THURSDAY Texas Ranks 2nd In Us For Relocation Activity
And...more good news for Texas!Texas ranked second in US for relocation activity and out-of-state migration in 2014Texas Association of REALTORS® releases 2015 Texas Relocation Re...

WEDNESDAY WISDOM Increase In Dallas Area Home Prices
DALLAS AREA HOME PRICES STILL RISINGWell, surprise, surprise...Dallas real estate is still booming.  Home prices are up 8.9% from a year ago.  The below article by the Da...

TUESDAY TIPS 4 Things Not To Do If You Want To Sell Your House
Want to Sell Your Property? Don’t Do These 4 Things  If you put your property up for sale, you're looking to sell...right?...  Some owners unknowingly decrease the like...

Mortgage Basics: What Is a Mortgage?  We all talk about mortgages, especially when discussing real estate, but a lot of people just know it is a bill or somethi...

FUN FACTS FRIDAY Real Estate Edition
Hope you enjoy these fun facts!  As always, feel free to reach out at or for any real estate needs.11 amazing r...

Inconsistency In Appraisals
Appraisals can be tricky...and inconsistent.  There are many reasons why, including the reasons listed below...More than one in three appraisals contain inconsistent property ...

MORTGAGE MONDAY Recent Changes To The Mortgage Process
Mortgage Monday!  Recent mortgage process changes are nicely summed up by the below article. How the mortgage process just changedBy Kathryn Vasel @KathrynVasel I...

DFW Ranks As Top Area For 2016 Real Estate
Dallas-Fort Worth is the No. 1-ranked commercial real estate market to watch based on investment, development and homebuilding prospects, according to a study conducted by research...

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