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Scoring Model Breakdown Guide For Credit Reporting Agencies

1) 35% = payment history (i.e. on time pays or delinquencies). More weight is based on current pay history. For example, 40% of credit weight consists of payment history over the past 12 months, 30%

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Simple Steps To Improve Your Credit Score

1) Don't miss payments, especially your mortgage payment.  Regardless of the dollar amounts, it will take 24 months to restore credit with one late payment.2) Don't keep your credit cards

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Houston Braces For Invasion Of Crazy Ants Will Dallas Be Next

The Rasberry crazy ant is an invasive species originally from South America. The earliest record of this ant in the US was from Brownsville, Texas in 1938. Recently, there have been large

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Does An Engineer Make A Good Realtor

I am a retired Civil Engineer.  Having 30 plus years of Engineering experience does help in the Real Estate Profession.  As a Civil Engineer, I learned about creating a residential

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Use Your Swimming Pool For Excercise

Use your Swimming Pool for ExcerciseWater aerobics is the performance of aerobic exercise in fairly shallow water such as in a swimming pool. Done mostly vertically and without swimming

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Buying A Home With A Swimming Pool

A buyer client recently asked me if a swimming pool was a positive or negative when trying to sell a home.  I told him that it depended on who was buying the home.  Younger people 

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